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You’re Carrying More Than One Miracle.

Did You Know You Can Donate Your Placenta?

If you have a planned cesarean section, placenta donation is an opportunity for you to help others heal. The process is simple, easy and free, without any risks to mother or baby.

The Opportunity to Make a Difference

The amniotic membrane of the placenta has the potential to help numerous patients heal. One donation could heal as many as 100 people. Placenta is used to aid healing in eye, oral and spine surgeries. It is also used to treat wounds and soft tissue injuries that are difficult to heal, such as diabetic foot ulcers, venous leg ulcers, pressure ulcers and burns.

Placentas are usually discarded after the birth, but by donating your placenta you could:

Help others avoid amputation due to chronic wounds

Help others fight infection and pain

Offer others a better chance at healing difficult wounds

An Extraordinary Power. An Extraordinary Gift.

Donating Placenta is Easy, Free and Safe.

If you are scheduled for a Caesarean section and your physician is a participating member of our placenta donation program, consider sharing your miracle to help those in need. The process is simple:


Talk to your physician about donation.


Give your consent to donate.


Answer basic medical and social history questions.


After childbirth, a qualified healthcare representative will acquire the placenta.

Trust Our Expertise

Tides Medical’s mission to provide products that promote healing and improve surgical outcomes begins with donations like yours. We understand and accept the responsibility placed on us with your gift. Which is why we have created a division that focuses only on placenta donation, Louisiana Organization For Transplant (L.O.F.T.). The L.O.F.T. team is specially trained to use your gift for the miracle that it is, with the respect and appreciation it deserves.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the placenta used?
Amniotic membrane is commonly used in reconstructive surgical procedures. It can be used as the base material for soft tissue healing, as well as a natural biological barrier at the surgical site.


Is a blood test required?
Yes. A blood sample is obtained from the donor mother only during routine blood testing prior to delivery. The blood is tested for infectious diseases, such as HIV, Syphilis, HTLV, CMV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.


Will I get the results of the blood test?
No. Not unless you have your physician request the results. By law, confirmed positive results will be reported.


Will it cost me anything to donate?
No. All expenses related to donation are paid by Tides Medical.


Will donation affect me or my baby and the care we receive?
No. There is absolutely no risk to you or your baby, or any additional steps/procedures in delivery room. The placenta is simply removed post-delivery.


Will I be compensated for my donation?
No. Participation is completely voluntary. Federal law does not allow compensation for your donation.


How was my gift used?
For further information regarding the outcome of your donation, please contact or call 337.704.5716.